State Centre on Climate Change
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To understand climate change and its impact on the Himalayan Eco-System by developing and implementing mountain spicific adaptation plans based on vulnerability,risk scenario and by enhancing capacity of all stake holders to combat the threat of climate change.
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1. Biomass Distribution in Subtropical Forests of Solan Forest Division
2. Carbon Inventory Methods in Indian Forests - A Review
3. Carbon sequestration in Indian Natural and Planted Forests
4. Carbon Sequestration Potential of Indian Forestry Land Use Systems - A Review
5. Carbon Sequestration Potential of the Trees on the two Aspects of Subtropical Forests
6. Carbon Stock Estimation for Tree Species of Sem Mukhem Sacred Forest in Garhwal Himalaya, India
7. Changes in Distribution of Carbon in Various Forest Types of India from 1995-2005
8. Climate change and Indian forests
9. Estimating Carbon Sequestration Rates and Total Carbon Stockpile in Degraded and Non-Degraded Sites of Oak and Pine Forest of Kuman Central Himalayas
10. Forest Carbon Stocks and Fluxes in Physiographic Zones of India
11. Impact of Climate Change and Himachal Pradesh’s Action Plan Strategy on Forestry
12. Impact of climate change on forests in India
13. Impact of Climate Change on Indian Forests a Dynamic Vegetation Modelling Approach
14. India's Forests and REDD+, MOEF
15. Phytomass Carbon Pool of Trees and Forests in India
16. Potential for Increasing Carbon Sink in Himachal Pradesh, India
17. Sequestered Organic Carbon Pool in the Forest Soils of Uttarakhand State, India
18. Soil Organic Carbon Pools in Indian Forests
19. Soil Organic Carbon Store under Different Land Use Systems in Giri Catchment of Himachal Pradesh
20. Sustainable Forest Management in Himachal Pradesh
21. Tree Ring Imprints of Long-term Changes in Climate in Western Himalaya, India
22. Variation in Carbon Stocks on Different Slope Aspects in Seven Major Forest Types of Temperate Region of Garhwal Himalaya, India
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A Government of Himachal Pradesh Initiative to combat the effect of Climate Change on Himalayan ecosystem
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