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To understand climate change and its impact on the Himalayan Eco-System by developing and implementing mountain spicific adaptation plans based on vulnerability,risk scenario and by enhancing capacity of all stake holders to combat the threat of climate change.
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Water EcoSystem
S. No.    Title 
1. Analysis of the Distribution Pattern of Wetlands in India in Relation to Climate Change
2. Aquatic Beetles (Coleoptera Insecta) of Jammu,Kashmir & Ladakh Region (North-West Himalaya)Inventory and Biodiversity
3. Assessment of Socio-Cultural and Ecological Consideration in Conserving Wetlands–A Case Study of Prashar Lake in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh
4. Biodiversity and Interdependence Study of the Pong Wetland Bird Sanctuary
5. Conservation of Wetlands of India – A Review
6. Cytological Studies of Some Dicots from the Hills of Mandi District (Himachal Pradesh) in Northwest Indian Himalayas.
7. Geochemistry of Renuka Lake and Wetland Sediments, Lesser Himalaya (India)Implications for Source Area Weathering,Provenance and Tectonic Setting.
8. Inventory of Water Bodies in the Western Himalayan Region_NIH_1999-2000
9. Mapping, Monitoring and Conservation of Harike Wetland Ecosystem,Punjab, India, through Remote Sensing.
10. Orthoptera (Insecta) from PongDam Wetland, District Kangra,Himachal Pradesh, India
11. Pong Dam Wetlands and Zoological Survey of India.
12. Possible Role of Wetlands, Permafrost, and Methane Hydrates in the Methane Cycle Under Future Climate ChangeA Review
13. Renuka Lake Ecosystem and Wetland Protection, Lesser Himalaya,
14. Studies on Biomass Changes and Nutrient Lock-upEfficiency in a Kashmir Himalayan Wetland Ecosystem
15. The Changing Himalayas – Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Livelihoods in the Greater Himalayas.
16. Using Remote Sensing Data to Study Wetland Dynamics- A Case Study of Harike Wetland .
17. Valuation and Management of Wetland Ecosystem
18. Water Quality and Eutrophication Status of Some Lakes of the Western Himalayan Region , India
19. Water Quality Assessment of Four Different Wetlands and Its Implication to Climate Change
20. Wetland Mapping and Study of Temporal Changes in Correlation with Meteorological Data for Solapur Districts of Maharashtra using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques.
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A Government of Himachal Pradesh Initiative to combat the effect of Climate Change on Himalayan ecosystem
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