State Centre on Climate Change
under aegis of the State Council for Science Technology & Environment
Himachal Pradesh


To understand climate change and its impact on the Himalayan Eco-System by developing and implementing mountain spicific adaptation plans based on vulnerability,risk scenario and by enhancing capacity of all stake holders to combat the threat of climate change.
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Forests are the major hubs for carbon sinks. They absorb and store carbon dioxide. When trees are cut down and burnt, carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. Forests play a critical role in balancing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, helping to minimize the impact of climate change. Forests in Himachal Pradesh, especially at higher altitudes are highly vulnerable to climate change. The rapidly changing conditions caused by climate change make plant species more vulnerable to disease and pests, contributing to the degradation and fragmentation of forests.

Mountain ecosystem are highly vulnerable to climate change and there may be a large shift in the vegetation boundary, large scale forest dieback or mortality may occur in the transient period.Like wise the species which are already threatened are at greater risk and some of the species which are currenty classfied as critically endangered will be extinct. Thus it is important to assess the likely impacts of projected climate change on forests and develop and implement adaptation strategies for both biodiversity conservation and the livelihoods of forest - dependent people.

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A Government of Himachal Pradesh Initiative to combat the effect of Climate Change on Himalayan ecosystem
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