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State Centre on Climate Change
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Himachal Pradesh


To understand climate change and its impact on the Himalayan Eco-System by developing and implementing mountain spicific adaptation plans based on vulnerability,risk scenario and by enhancing capacity of all stake holders to combat the threat of climate change.
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Based on the studies carried out by Dr. K.S.Verma & others, Department of Environmental Studies, Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Nauni, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Tmax will increase but lesser than Tmin. It will vary from 1.31oC (September) to 2.46 oC (January).
  2. Tmin will experience an overall increase ranging between 1.54 oC (Aug.) – 3.18oC (Nov.).
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Tmax will remain between 0.99 oC (Nov.)-2.55 oC (June).
  2. Increase will be more in summer.
  3. Tmin. in the district will increase by 1.34oC (Aug.) to 3.24oC (Nov.).
  4. The climatic condition may make heat wave events “very likely” in this district and the adjacent region.
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Increase in Tmax compared to Tmin in winter months will be of less magnitude (1.47 oC - 2.12 oC).
  2. However, in summer months magnitude of increase in Tmax will be more or less similar to Tmin.
  3. Increase in Tmin during the year will range from 1.41oC - 2.87oC.
  4. The increase in winter months will be higher (2.47 oC-2.87 oC) compared to summer months (1.41 oC - 1.94 oC).
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. The increase in Tmax during winter and spring months will vary between 1.26 oC - 2.35 oC. In summer months, it may rise by 1.40 oC - 2.12 oC.
  2. In general Tmin in winter and spring months will rise by >2 oC compared to summer months (1.50oC).
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Increase in Tmax will be between 1.26 oC(Aug) - 3.23 oC(March).
  2. An average increase of about 2.75 oC in Tmin and 2.38oC in Tmax during winters is predicted.
  3. The increase in Tmin during the year will range between 1.70 oC (July) - 3.01 oC (Nov).
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Rise in Tmax will be between 1.07 oC (Aug.) to 2.30 oC (Jan.).
  2. The increase in Tmin. will range from 1.51oC (June) to 3.65 oC (Nov.) which indicates higher increase in winter temperature.
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. An average increase of 2.78 oC in Tmin and 2.04 oC in Tmax during winter months will make the production of apple and other temperate crops in Kullu valley extremely unsustainable.
  2. Winter months will be warmer by 2.73 oC - 3.55 oC compared to summer when increase in Tmin. will be between 1.54 oC - 2.06 oC.
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Overall, an average increase by 2.82 oC in Tmin and 2.24 oC in Tmax, respectively.
  2. Tmin in winters will increase by 2.60 oC – 3.80 oC .
  3. Tmax by 2.31 oC - 2.54 oC.
Bilaspur Bilaspur
  1. Average increase in Tmin and Tmax during winter will be 2.71 oC and 2.06 oC, respectively across its length and breadth.
  2. Tmin will rise by 1.60 oC (Oct) - 3.26 oC (Nov.).
  3. Tmax will rise by 1.17 oC (Sept) - 2.53 oC (April).
(Source: Verma, et. al., 2010)
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